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Ninebream now offer what must be the most affordable top quality rig accesories available.

                                All orders over £15 post free cheap swivels, cheap carp rigs, cheap rig bits,  cheap fishing weights, cheap backleads, cheap tackle  


Rig Stuff

Size 8 Kwik Swivel (speed swivel)
 A quick change size 8 swivel that allows a speedy change of rigs or weights. 10 per pack.           




Size 8 Bigeye Swivel
A size 8 swivel with one large 5mm eye that makes an ideal helicopter swivel, it also fits our safebolt bead which when used in with our leger clip or a standard lead can create a safe semi fixed lead set-up.10 per pack.  











1.6mm heat shrink tube

Translucent brown shrink tube, shrinks neatly in steam/boiling water or further still with the careful use of a match or lighter.    10x50mm per pack.                                                       









Size 8 Swivel 
Firstly apologies for adding to the already over-long list of company's supplying swivels, however, i do so for Two reasons, ONE, I have designed the bolt buffer buffer bead to fit them perfectly, TWO I can offer them at a price that gives you the chance to make a saving on the very same swivel offered by some of the leading brands       20 per pack                                                               





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Size 24 Micro Swivels
One of those items you must have in your box. Used mainly in the construction of rotating hair rigs they are in my opinion a much better alternative to 'rig rings' in many situations, allowing the bait to rotate/spin freely on the cast or during a take without impeding hook movement.
They are also ideal for ultra fine set ups for those seeking the smaller more finicky specimens like roach
and crucian. 20 per pack






 Size 8 Flexi-ring swivels

These low glare size 8 flexi-ring swivels are ideal for rigs needing to incorperate a 'hinge' at the swivel, particularly useful for short hooklinks used with the 'method' Also they fit our bolt buffer beads perfectly as shown in the pic. Supplied in packs of 10





 Grippy stops (6.5mm float stops) 

 These 'floatstops' are probably the most secure stops you'll find,  they are





extra long which gives them more surface area to grip with so they stay put. They have a multitude of uses not least of which is being perfect for making 'Noose' style hairs for pellets and pop ups etc. the clear stops are supplied in packs of 20   (2 rings 10 on each)







Boltbuffer  bead.                                                                                                                
This bead has been specially designed as a dual purpose bead. basically fished with the tube section over a regular size 8 swivel it acts as a standard 'knot protector bead' which neatly conceals the swivel body for a neat and tidy rig. But, turn it around and slide the ball section over the swivel and a clever bit of design comes into play, the enclosed swivel eye expands the middle of the tube section providing the perfect amount 'hold' for our 'kwik run ring' (or most other run rings) or a bigeye swivel, which enables a totally safe 'semi-fixed lead rig' ideal for those who are'nt so keen on lead clips or if your looking for a finer neater less bulky rig in your swim. Now available in dark brown. 10 per pack







  kwik Run Ring.
A simple but effective quick change run ring enabling a fast switch of feeder or weight in changing angling conditions, or easy removal of weight when packing made-up rods away. Ideal for 'running rigs' they come supplied with a length of matching coloured tube that covers the clip. They have also been designed to fit our bolt/buffer bead perfectly allowing a quick change from running to semi fixed setups. Five rings per pack. 








NINEBREAM Meat Stoppa.
 Having used all sorts of luncheon meat stops over the years i've found the disc type to be about the most effective and versatile. (They can be used equally well with paste) the only drawback to this type of stop has been having to fiddle about threading an extra piece of tubing on the hair, both to prevent the hair cutting through the bait and to stop it coming off the hair if the bait is lost. Now this is no longer a problem. The NINEBREAM luncheon meat stop has been designed with a 3mm thick stem to minimise movement inside the bait and has a clever little clip type attachment meaning should the bait come adrift the stop will remain safely on the hair. They take seconds to attach, and on several occasions having caught 2-3 fish on the same piece of meat i can honestly say these are the best luncheon meat stops i've ever used. Pack of 10





  Top tip...make your own camouflage leads


   1, make your own lead or take a shop bought one, its much better to make your own, after buying the moulds you'll soon recoup the cost and it only take 30 mins' to knock up 15-20 leads. 

   2, get couple of handfulls of small pieces of thin chipped bark from the garden (or next doors) and dry it out.

   3, then whack it in the blender 'til it looks like the picture below.

   4, take some cheap epoxy glue and 'paint' your lead with it then roll or dip the lead into the chippings,squeeze it on a little and dip again making sure its totally covered.

   5, allow to dry in an open area for a good while until the smell of the glue has gone then trim off any       outstanding 'splinters'